About us

             The main activity is the production of fiber-glass, carbon, kevlar reinforced, products all destination. Research activities, designing of tehnologie, mould and products, are also in our work.

             This experience began with the occasion of tanking-over the manufacture licence of AEROSPATIALE S.A. Alouette III 316 and PUMA 330 helicopter, at Romanian Aeronautical Industry in Brasov. 

             Today, COMPOZITE Ltd. has a production surface of 450 sq.m and a specialized team of 30 person, from wich six are high educated:

Compozite Ltd.

Products from composite materials

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· 1 doctor engineer in composite materials

· 1 doctorand in composite structures

· 5 mechanical engineers

             Next year, a new 1500sq.m workshop, laboratoires, offices will open.       

             COMPOZITE Ltd. has designed products, technologies and new structures, using glass, carbon and kevlar fibers impregnated with polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl ester resins. The glass, carbon and kevlar fibers reinforced plastic products were obtained by designing and manufacturing of “open” mould devices, “closed” moulds, to manufacture spatial parts made from honeycomb structures under vacuum, also in autoclave, using prepregs and core materials.

             The company has experience in designing and production of composite pattern plates, wood and metal patterns, indispensable in foundry operation as well. From patterns it has been carried out molded parts both for own use and for other clients, patterns are made both manual and on MTNC.

             COMPOZITE Ltd. has implemented the ISO 9002 quality system in 2000 and ISO  9001/2000, integrated system being in progress of certification (ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2004).

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