Category of products list

Compozite Ltd. design and made low presure, open and closed tanks.



Recipients and containers

Our company design and made parts for auto vehicles, trains and tractors.

Fabrication, upgrade, auto and train parts

Compozite Ltd. made  little and medium boats, parts for boats including wind screens.


Our company design and made different panels for walls, advertising and workshop roof trap doors.

Construction and urban furniture

Compozite Ltd. design and made different shelters for telecommunication, radar antennas and profesional radomes ofesionale.

GSM shelters, various Radar Domes

Our company design and made screens, envelopes, yokes, sticks , for aircraft simulators.

Aircraft simulators


Compozite Ltd.

Products from composite materials

Microsoft Publisher 2003



Unmanned aircraft vehicles , aircraft parts and propellers

Compozite Ltd. design and made  UAV bodies, lightweight planes parts, wind blades for electro generators.

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